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Fanworks for the Professor Layton series.

SPOILER ALERT: He is awesome.

my word.
This community is for the posting of prompted writing and artwork pertaining to the Professor Layton series and world within. It also welcomes short fics/drabbles/& sketches. :o) If you aren't sure if what you want to post is allowed, post it anyway. We're cool here.

puzzle prompting game.
Professor Layton loves puzzles! He also loves to assist others.

A member may issue a request(puzzle)- a theme, a phrase, idea, etc., to serve as inspiration for members of the group. If they so choose, any member can fill the request in any artistic manner that they wish (short fic, artwork, drabble, interpretive dance, etc!). Fun way to get a piece of art, fun way to get inspired.

There is no limit to the amount of members that can fill one request.

what a gentleman does.
♦A member may not directly request a fill from a certain member, nor can they dictate how their prompt will be filled.
♦ MATURE works ARE allowed, but they must be behind a cut with proper warnings.
♦ No pairing bashing, OK? No need to lose it over ships.
♦ Multiple responses encouraged!
♦ Don't flip out if no-one fills your prompt.
♦ You are encouraged, of course, to comment on and enjoy one another's work!

playing the game.
If you decide to fill a person's prompt or request, make an entry in the community with your fill so we can all enjoy it!

please to observe.
Don't insult an artist, an author, or their piece. EVER. Play nice. This is for fun, people! :)

The header to writing should contain the following:

Word Count:
Warning: (if the story contains violence, adult content, spoilers, etc.)
Challenge: (if applicable)

The header to artwork should contain the following:
Title: (if applicable}
Warning: (if artwork contains violence, adult content, spoilers, etc.}
Challenge:(if applicable)

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