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Title: Remi doesn't change her pose
Warning: No naughty bits, just really funky lingerie
Challenge: Prompt 009: Remi drags Layton underwear/lingerie shopping with her.
Just a silly gif I made in an hour.

I'm the same boy I used to be~Collapse )
Title: Professor Layton and the Angel's Potion
Word count: 1452 words.
Warning: No real content warnings here, but Unwound Future spoilers are heavily implied.
Notes: This is an excerpt of last night's session of Layton-MSN. I had nothing better to do for two hours before I went to bed~

"Oh wow, this'll be an awkward conversation. I promise I won't interrupt."Collapse )

Art request?

Hey friends, I was hoping that someone around here would be able to help me out with a request. I write halfway decently, but I can't draw to save my life. So I would be willing to do a trade.

I will write you a Layton fic, between 100 and 1,000 words, of your preference. Just please don't ask me to write anything relating to anything outside of the three games available in the U.S. (Village, Box, Future), because I haven't seen the movie or played anything else and I don't want to get characterization wrong.

In exchange for this? Draw a picture for me! I would like a picture of a scene from my Layton fic, Knights and Knaves, which is about Flora and daddy!Layton. Any scene would be good, although I'm particularly hoping for something from either chapter nine or ten.

If you'd like to try this exchange, please leave a comment. Thanks for any and all interest!

Edited to add: More than one taker is welcome!

3 lil drabbles. No warnings!

Title: introductions. (Layton + Claire AU)
Word Count: 105 words.
Summary: BABIEEEEES!!!! So basically I wrote a drabble in which Layton and Claire are in the same kindergarten class Muppet Babies style. I have these little kid adventures playing in my head. Sometimes it is Remi. Sometimes it is Claire. Sometimes it is Don Paulo. But it is always, always cute.

introductions.Collapse )

Title: unclean. (Layton + Flora)
Word count 105 words.
Prompt: Professor Layton drinks instant tea for the first time in his life. I wrote this in response to someone in the other community and wanted to share here!

unclean.Collapse )

Title: in time. (Luke + Layton + Raleigh)
Word count: 135 words.
Prompt: Luke centered fic set during Unwound Future, involving the statue. Another from the other community.

in time.Collapse )

You know you wanna!

Professor Layton drabble requests!

Post-Thanksgiving boredom. I need something to doooooo...

Name a character, a set of characters, or a pairing, then provide a detail: a color, a flavor, a lyric, a place, an emotion, whatever. Specific prompts are okay, too, and I am not opposed to anyone making multiple requests.

I'll do my best to write at least one hundred words of fic in response to each request.



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Some artistic help

Hey guys! I'm fairly new to the comm and I need some help. I'm working on a small doodle, but I need to know what Luke looks like without his hat on. Does anybody know where I can find screencaps? Thanks in advance for the help, and I'll post what I have as soon as I can. :)

Title: Soy Lattes
Warning: none!
Challenge:Puzzle Prompt No. 006: Lando

I had this comic lying around for a few days. I wasn't going to post it but when new prompt asked for Lando, why not?
along with some RemiCollapse )

Title: What does Luke say about his power level?
Warning: none.
Challenge: Puzzle Prompt 004 Super Layton rescues the princess

it's over a certain large number, my boy.Collapse )

Puzzle Prompt No. 007: It was his lucky day.
I've been wanting to improve my creative writing skills, so I figure this is the place to do it. These are also my first drabbles, so I hope they're not terribly cliche or boring or don't make sense or anything.

Title: Charred
Word Count: 220
Warning: Spoilers for Unwound Future
Prompt: Layton has sweet and sour dreams.
"Hershel, can I ask you something?"Collapse )


Title: Nine
Word Count: 169
Warning: Spoilers for Unwound Future
Notes: This is what happens when you read Dante's Inferno in English class: you start to think about who would go where... (Another note: I was trying to give this one a distinct style... I probably failed so hard though. So please forgive me)

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.Collapse )

 Aaaand, for a prompt, I'm going to leave it extremely open-ended because nobody knows a thing about this guy.
Puzzle Prompt No. 006: Lando.'

I hope my writing wasn't too sucky and unbearable for you guys! <3

Colored sketch, fill for 004, puzzle 005

Just playing with markers today!! :)

Swingin'Collapse )

Challenge: Fill for Puzzle 004: Super Layton rescues the princess!

The Princess is in another game...Collapse )

Prompt 005: Layton has sweet and sour dreams.

Fill for Puzzle 003 and Prompt 004.

Title: the first step. (Remi+Layton)
Word Count: 569 words.
Warning: This is kinda SMUTTY. You are warned.
Written for spunkywulf: Puzzle 003: Layton gives in. (called it P3 so I could post it here. OH HO HO! ♥)

the first step.Collapse )

Puzzle Prompt 004: Super Layton saves the princess. (Because chaichameleon's Super Mario reference in Layton world made me pretty darn giddy!)